About us

Village Nursery School is a co-operative nursery school in which the student’s parents participate in the classroom setting. Each school day, 1 parent works in the classroom to assist the teachers. It is an easy, fun day for the parent, and the children love to have their parent as the “working parent”. The classroom commitment tends to be about 1 day/month. Each family also volunteers for a role in the operation of the nursery school. There are many different areas to contribute, enabling each family to find a comfortable role.

Classes Available

3 Year Olds

The 2-Day Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11:30am. Children should be 3 years old by Oct 15th to join the 2-Day Class. Maximum class size is 12 students.

4 Year Olds

The 3-Day Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-12p. Children should be 4 years old by Oct 15th to join the 3-Day Class. Maximum class size is 14 students.


The goal of the program is to provide each student with a comfortable and fun first school experience. The activities are geared toward developing social skills, developing fine and gross motor skills, introducing shapes, colors and numbers, recognizing student’s own name, and learning letters. The curriculum follows monthly themes that include such topics as All Around Maine, Things with Wings, Farms and Food, Light, Fun & Fancy Feet, Musical Instruments, How Things Work, In the Neighborhood, Let's Get Messy, and Celebrations

Since Village Nursery School is a co-operative preschool, parents have often shared their unique talents and experiences with the children. The children have had foreign language classes, cooking classes, and presentations about other countries including Kenya, Sweden, Venezuela, and England. An orthopedist came in and showed the children a skeleton and talked about bones.

Enrichment Programs

Music Program with Diana

The children are exposed to music, dance, singing, instruments, rhythm and beat. Diana comes into the classroom every other week to teach music throughout the school year.


Betsy Manganello and Helen Anderson are committed to continuing and enhancing the Village Nursery School experience. Each bring a wealth of diverse yet complimentary strengths and talents. Betsy has years of classroom experience and expertise; Helen has made a career of understanding human development and working with families. 
Betsy has been an art teacher for many years. She holds a Master of Science in Education and is a certified teacher in the State of Maine. Her commitment to educating children began with work at the Children’s Museum of Maine. Betsy is currently teaching art lessons as part of the enrichment program at VNS. 

Helen holds a Master of Social Work with a work history revolving largely around family systems. She has worked in the field of education both as an elementary school art teacher and elementary/junior-high school level health educator.

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