2-Day Class (3 YEARS OLD) 

The 2-Day Class meets on Thursday and Friday from 9am-11:30am. Children should be 3 years old by Oct 15th to join the 2-Day Class. Maximum class size is 12 students.


3-Day Class (4 YEARS OLD) 

The 3-Day Class meets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-12pm. Children should be 4 years old by Oct 15th to join the 3-Day Class. Maximum class size is 14 students.



The goal of the program is to provide each student with a comfortable and fun first school experience. The activities are geared toward developing social skills, developing fine and gross motor skills, introducing shapes, colors and numbers, recognizing student’s own name, and learning letters. The curriculum follows monthly themes that include such topics as All Around Maine, Things with Wings, Farms and Food, Musical Instruments, How Things Work, In the Neighborhood, Let's Get Messy, and Celebrations.

Since Village Nursery School is a co-operative preschool, parents have often shared their unique talents and experiences with the children. The children have had foreign language classes, cooking classes, and presentations about other countries including Kenya, Sweden, Venezuela, and England. 




Music Program with Diana

The children are exposed to music, dance, singing, instruments, rhythm and beat every other week.

Field Trips

Field trip opportunities have included Hansel's Orchard, Portland Ovations performances at Merrill Auditorium, visits to Pineland & Wolfe’s Neck farms, the Royal River Park & Camp SOCI, Chewonki’s traveling natural history programs, and walking field trips in our neighborhood. 


Drop Off

Children arrive at 9:00am

Free Play

Children spend the first hour in the outside school area. Below are some examples of things they might play with which will be dependent on the weather and time of year: 

  • Painting / Chalk / Science Observation Tools
  • Sandbox / Climbing Structure / Obstacle Course
  • Tricycles / Cross Country Skis / Sleds / Snowshoes 
  • Boat / Castle Playhouse / Water Table

Circle Time

The school has an outdoor circle area. During Circle Time the class sings their morning greeting song and receives instructions for the project of the day. 

Project Time 

Children will typically go inside to complete an art project. Every other week the 3-day class has an outdoor music class during this time. 

Snack Time

Snack time always takes place outside. One of the working parents provides the class snack. This is a great time when teachers encourage social interaction and practice manners and etiquette in a relaxed and familiar setting.

Nature Walk

The class goes for a walk on the wooded trail behind the school. The teachers bring books to read during breaks, and the kids get to explore and play in this natural setting.

Dismissal Time

Parents pick the children up at 11:30 (2 day) or 12:00 (3 day).

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