Typical Day

Drop Off

Children arrive at 9:00am

Free Play

Children have free play time until 9:20. They may play with:

  • Art – painting at easels
  • Sand and Water table
  • Work Bench
  • Kitchen
  • Dress-Up
  • Block Area
  • Puzzles, Games, Books

Circle Time

Morning Greeting
Daily Lesson may include:

  • Storytime
  • Music/Singing
  • Special Guest
  • Sharing Time

Snack Time

One of the working parents provides the class snack.
Children’s conversations are encouraged.

Project Time

Children will participate in an art project, a science project, or related holiday project

Play Outside

Weather permitting, children play outside at the playground or in the snow at the Church Yard

Dismissal Time

Parents pick the children up at 11:30 (2 day) or 12:00p (3 day).

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