1. Do only children who live in Yarmouth attend this school?
No! We welcome interested families from anywhere who would like to be a part of our co-op. In a typical year at least half of the children in the school tend to live in Yarmouth, but we have many kids from other towns as well.

2. What is a co-operative preschool?
A co-op is a school that was started by parents, and is run by parents. The parents do everything from hiring the teachers to cleaning the table tops. Each family plays a role in the operation of the school, including acting as a “helping parent” in the classroom on a regular basis. This type of school provides a family centered approach to a child’s first classroom experience. In a co-op, you have the opportunity to know well the children and families in the school that your child attends.

3. Do I have to know how to be a teacher to work as a “helping parent”?
No! The “helping parent” is responsible for supporting the teachers on the days that they are in the classroom. As a “helping parent” you will start your day by checking in with the teachers and taking direction from them. You may need to prep an art project, supervise the dramatic play area, remind a child to stay on their carpet during circle time, or jump in wherever needed to help things go smoothly. The parents in the classroom do not act as disciplinarians. Children love the days that their parent is in the classroom.

4. Can I bring siblings with me when I work as the “helping parent”?
No. We have found that in order to focus on the children it works best when a parent does not bring additional children. Most parents with younger kids quickly find other parents in the same situation in the class and arrange babysitting swaps to accommodate working days. In an emergency, or with a newborn, exceptions can certainly be made, but it is best to make a childcare plan when you receive your working schedule before the semester begins.

5. What is the preschool philosophy at Village Nursery School?
We are a traditional preschool program. The emphasis in our classroom is on socialization, being part of a community, and the enjoyment of experiencing the world as young children. The interactions between children in the sandbox and at the snack table are often the most valuable lessons taught at VNS. Our curriculum includes art, music, gross motor and fine motor play, science, and a variety of other topics. The units taught change from year to year depending upon interests of the teachers and children, and what individual families bring to the school.

6. What do you do if my child has difficulty transitioning to school?
We will work with you. If your child needs you to stay for a bit in order to feel safe in this new place, fine. If you want to go and have your child comforted by the teacher, ok. This is preschool and we want it to be a happy place for everyone.

7. How do you pull off field trips with 14 kids?
Field trips happen with the help of volunteer driver parents. They tend to be very fun outings as families and siblings are welcome to come along. Some of our trips in the past have included an alpaca farm, apple picking, the grocery store, and many other exotic locations...

8. When do the classes meet?
The three year olds have classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30a. The four year olds have classes on Mon/Wed/Fri mornings from 9-12:00p. We follow the Yarmouth school calendar.

9. How does your enrollment process work?
We accept registration from students currently in the school and alumni families through the end of January. In the beginning of February, registration is open. For more information please visit How to Register.

10. Does my child need to be potty trained to attend VNS?
We would love our classes to be filled with perfectly toilet trained kids, but realize that is not always possible. Your child can wear a pull up to school, and if a diaper change is necessary, you may be called to come in and take care of it while they are working on that skill. Because we are licensed as a preschool and not a daycare, we are not supposed to be changing diapers. We do have a bathroom in our classroom space and will be sure to encourage toileting with all of the kids.

11. What is the VNS Immunization Policy?
Village Nursery School, a private preschool, requires all students be up-to-date on their immunizations. Our community includes pregnant mothers and infants spending significant time in our classroom. This is one of the many reasons we ask that students be vaccinated. If you would like to receive a copy of the full immunization policy, please email us at info@villagenursery.org

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